Leo Compatibility

leo compatibility

Leo and Aries

Because both Leo compatibility and Aries are Fire signs, this combination is likely to be dynamic and energetic. There is a sense of competition between them but they can also understand each other very well because of quite similar temperaments and character traits. Problems arise when they let their egoistic nature to take over. It can happen for no big reason, and turn into real fight. Also, Leo wants more admiration than Aries can provide, and Leo’s flamboyant character can sometimes irritate Aries. Fortunately, they can learn to forgive and forget in this partnership if there is enough love and respect. Both signs are quite impatient and easily-bored, so it never gets dull between them.

Aries is ruled by Mars and Leo is ruled by the Sun. Both signs radiate masculine energy which means they both have strong will and are respected by others. A little bit more curious and messy Aries often turns to Leo for advice.  In return, Aries can teach Leo how to be more adventurous and less uptight. Respect is the key in this relationship. Leo and Aries have a lot of energy and eagerness to learn and improve. This team is really powerful in projects. Aries always comes up with innovative ideas, while Leo’s enthusiasm helps those ideas to be developed. They understand each other’s need for spotlight, and with some compromising they can learn to share it. Actually, competition helps them to achieve their best. This friendship is at its best when both signs are sympathetic with each other.

Leo and Taurus

Leo and Taurus make a great union. They have quite similar characters: both like flattery and affection, both want to be acknowledged in society. Most of the time, such people lead similar lifestyles too. Taurus loves luxury, comfortable fife, while Leo feels alive when he has a lot of money to spend. Both signs have a passion for glamour, and they usually support each other’s decisions. Leo is ruled by the Sun, while Taurus is ruled by Venus. This combination of masculine and feminine energy creates one dynamic cocktail. Leo and Taurus are both energetic about life which lets their relationship to develop further.  However, they must work very hard in this friendship when it comes to leadership. Both signs are fixed which means it is not easy for them to compromise and let go. Also, they don’t really like changes, and prefer traditional, fundamental principles of life. Once their mind is set on some idea or emotion, they can keep it for a very long time.

The biggest problem in this relationship is that both Leo and Taurus always believe that they are right. Their conflicts can be very dramatic and intense, but they have enough admiration for each other to forgive and move on. Leo and Taurus are ambitious signs but not in the same way: Leo wants fame and recognition while Taurus strives for security, love and stability. They make an excellent team when something needs to be finished. Leo and Taurus are concentrated and committed to their assignments, so every project is completed on time. The best aspect of this relationship is the mutual respect and admiration which makes this union functional and progressive. Leo and Taurus understand that they have to work and sacrifice their egos in order for it to last.

Leo and Gemini

Friendship between these two signs is likely to be a positive combination between two social butterflies. Their relationship is in no way boring, and every day there is something to learn for Leo and Gemini. Gemini always wants to be in the company of someone who intellectually stimulating, and Leo is just the right person for that. They admire each other’s energy and enthusiastic approach to life. Leo is ruled by the Sun and Gemini is ruled by Mercury, so Gemini is all about communication and exploring, while Leo is concerned about own good. Conflicts may arise when Leo starts to be the dominant one in this relationship which is not something Gemini can live with. Not that Gemini would want spotlight or control; it is just that such people are put off by arrogance which often can be seen in Leos. So, in order for this relationship to work, Leo must be more sympathetic and less bossy with Gemini. Gemini people love their freedom and they would never give up on their flirtatious nature.

Gemini is an Air sign and Leo is a Fire sign which means Gemini can help Leo spread new ideas. They both are creative and enthusiastic, and they make a great team. Leo is stable and willing to complete everything till the end, and flexible Gemini is there with innovative ideas and encouragement.  Gemini does not mind to be the mastermind behind the scenes while Leo is out there thriving in fame and recognition. Both signs radiate charisma and childlike optimism which makes this friendship fun and progressive.

Leo and Cancer

These signs have a lot of similar qualities, so their friendship is likely to be positive. Both of them seek love, security and emotional connection with people. However, Leo is much more egoistic than Cancer who is usually out there trying to save the world from all evils. This relationship requires constant work and devotion because both signs are set in their ways and strong-willed. Neither of them likes constant changes so conflicts can arise because Leo will want to dominate at some point. But once they sort out their problems, this relationship becomes the most nurturing thing. Leo provides enthusiasm and passion, while Cancer contributes with caring nature and the sense of security. So, in a way, they supplement each other.

Cancer is ruled by the Moon, while Leo is ruled by the Sun. The Sun grants this relationship energy and positivity, and the Moon brings nurturing and spiritual connection with the world. Once these two signs learn how to overcome their character differences they can learn so much form each other. Cancer is a Water sign and Leo is a Fire sign. Leo strives for appreciation and self realization while Cancer wants stability and harmony in life. A balance can be found when both sings know their roles in this friendship. Although Leo can become stubborn, Cancer can easily find they way to make things right again. While Leo is the controlling one in an obvious kind of way, Cancer has manipulative tendencies that help to turn thing according to their own plan. Cancer does not deed glamour or fame as Leo, but there are no conflicts about it because Cancer has a very sympathetic approach to all people. They work perfectly well as a team as there is a mutual support and understanding between them. All in all, this friendship can last for a very long time if balance is found.

Leo and Leo

When two Leos form a friendship, it is a sight to be seen. No other combination can attract as many looks as Leo and Leo. Thus union is all about social acceptance, glamour, leadership and performance. Their charisma is the reason they feel attracted to each other in the first place. But when they are together, they are never shy to show the world what they have got. They bring the best in each of each other, but they can also bring the worst. Leos tend to overstate things and react dramatically to everything. When problems arise, the fights are epic and dramatic. If one Leo decides not to continue this relationship, there is no way back because another Leo is not likely to beg for forgiveness. Their temperament can do some serious damage to this friendship if there is no compassion. However, there is a lot of love between those two. They understand each other without even speaking because they know what it is like to be out there trying to rule the world. If they overcome their big egos, they can become friends for life.

As a team, two Leos can surely do wonders in projects. The sun grants them enthusiasm and energy to go on with their ideas. Both have a lot innovative ideas to start with and enough commitment to follow through. When they forget about recognition and spotlight, two Leos help each other in every possible situation. The best aspect of this friendship is that they have a lot of fun being around each other. There is so much they can learn about the world together and learn about themselves at the same time.

Leo and Virgo

At first sight, these two signs could appear incompatible. But once they overlook their differences, there is a lot of love to be shared. This friendship takes some time to develop because Leo and Virgo have tendencies that seem quite opposite. Leo is energetic, charismatic and easy going, while Virgo is analytical and reserved. Nevertheless, these two signs have a lot to learn from each other. Virgo can show Leo how to be more patient and how to concentrate, and Leo can teach Virgo how to use personal charm to achieve success. Moreover, Leo can learn how to be more sympathetic and sensitive to other people. Once they discover how much positivity they can bring to this relationship, their character differences are no obstacle for this friendship to flourish. Leo is ruled by the Sun and Virgo is ruled by Mercury. The Sun grants warmth and strength, while Mercury provides intellectual energy.

Leo and Virgo make quite a successful team. Virgo is known for practical and insightful approach, while Leo can contribute with commitment and determination to do everything right until the end. Leo is a Fire sign, and Virgo is an Earth sign. Leo is mostly concerned about going further with ideas. Virgo, on the other hand, thinks about the consequences. Virgo usually takes up the workers position, while Leo prefers managing and organizing. This is why they are so good as a team – both are content with their part in this union, and the outcome is usually great. Conflicts are quite rare in this relationship because there is too much excitement and love to be bothered about negative things. Here, the rule “Opposites attract” suits the most.

Leo and Libra

Leo and Virgo form quite a positive relationship. There is a certain balance in this union that comes from this mixture of masculine and feminine energies. Both signs are positive about life, and both are driven by the passion to live life to its fullest. Leo is ruled by the Sun and Virgo is ruled by Venus. A combination between these two planets usually means passionate and warm relationship. But these signs have their differences as well: Leo has a flamboyant nature, while Libra is more polite and classical. This is why they work together so well: Libra can calm Leo in a heartbeat using soothing words. There is a lot of affection between these two signs, and conflicts quite rare if both Leo and Libra value this friendship enough. They seem to fuel each other’s desire to enjoy life. Libra is much more passive than Leo, so there is a lot to learn too. Leo can teach Libra how to be more proactive in order to achieve great things in life. In return, Libra can teach Leo how to let go of little things and how to forget stress.

Leo is a Fire Sign and Libra is an Air Sign. In this team, Libra is usually the initiator of ideas and Leo is the force that brings ideas further and further. Libra has the ability to weight all pros and cons and make the right decision. Leo contributes with organizational skills and strength. Together, they can achieve many beautiful goals because they tend to put a lot of effort into their projects. Obviously, Leo is the leader in such collaboration but Libra is not the one to complain. They manage to find harmony which makes this relationship a nurturing experience for both Libra and Leo.

Leo and Scorpio

Union between Leo and Scorpio usually results in surprising outcome. Both signs have a lot in common: they are loyal, respected, strong-willed and determined. This is the reason this mixture could be quite explosive.  Problems arise when one side becomes too possessive with another or they start to tease each other for their weaknesses. Scorpio wants respect and admiration, while Leo desires attention and compliments. Both Leo and Scorpio understand each other’s wants and needs very well, but their big egos can create obstacles quite often. Even though they both are about physical strength, Scorpio is much more aggressive than Leo who simply wants his ego to be stroked once in a while.

As a team, they stick together until the end but conflicts are frequent. They achieve their best when they learn how to accept each other and use their determination for a good cause. Leo is often the one to shine in recognition after success, and Scorpio likes to stay behind the scenes;  it is enough for this sign to know how much he has done in order to complete something, so there is no need for bright lights. Leo is ruled by the Sun, and Scorpio is ruled by Mars and Pluto. This combination ends up in a combination of very powerful energies that could bring down buildings. If Scorpio and Leo are friends for a long time, they sure have a lot to talk about because this friendship is anything but boring.


Leo and Capricorn

Friendship between Leo and Capricorn is all about teamwork. Both signs are loyal friends and both are committed to their ideas.  But other than that, their paths of life are quite different. Capricorns are more calm and careful, while Leos are always in the centre of attention demonstrating their abilities. Because of those differences, they have a lot to give to each other.

Though they may appear an unlikely duo, there is an understanding between them. Leo can show Capricorn how to live life to its fullest, and Capricorn can teach Leo about practical approach to life. Leo is ruled by the Sun, Capricorn is ruled by Saturn. Saturn is about work and responsibility, while the Sun is connected with personal gain and positive energy. Indeed, this combination is a mixture between physical and intellectual energies. Leo is a fire sign, and Capricorn is an Earth sign. Capricorn wants security, while Leo often desires something bigger and intangible. The key to this relationship is finding balance. Problems should not be big if there is enough compassion and understanding between Leo and Capricorn. And usually there is.

This duet makes a very good team. They encourage each other’s ideas; Leo brings physical energy and force to get things started, and Capricorn contributes with a smart and practical approach. They finish every project they start because both have a lot of self-respect and commitment. These two friends value their relationship because they know there is much to learn. Although they are different in their ways, together they make a perfect union.

Leo and Aquarius

When these two signs are in a relationship, it is never boring. Most of the time, this duo achieves outstanding results when they combine their powers and positive qualities. There is a mutual understanding between Leo and Aquarius which makes them great partners and friends. Leo likes Aquarius’s innovative ideas and unique approach to life and Aquarius admires Leo’s enthusiasm and charm. Sure, these two have their differences: Leo is quite stable and traditional, while Aquarius tends to change his mind quite a lot. Problems can arise when Leo becomes too dramatic for a modest Aquarius. On the other hand, Aquarius people tend to distant themselves in certain situations which can annoy open-hearted Leos. But they admire each other enough to overlook these differences of character. Both signs are fixed so they both strive for traditional values. And there is so much these two can teach other. Aquarius can learn from Leo how to be more proactive and how to turn ideas into something tangible. In return, Aquarius can teach Leo how to observe the world and analyse human existence.

Leo is a Fire sign, and Aquarius is an Air sign. This means that in projects Leo is someone who pushes Aquarius and encourages to express his creativity to the rest of the world. Aquarius is usually the one who comes up with something innovative but usually this sign is too reserved to go any further. This is where Leo steps in and helps those ideas and dreams to be turned into reality and completed. All in all, this friendship is extremely productive because Leo and Aquarius have a lot to offer to each other. There is always something positive and new to learn.

Leo and Pisces

Friendship between these two signs is beneficial for both signs, and both can more learn about life from each other. At first sight, they could seem incompatible: Leo is easy going, energetic and extrovert, while Pisces is sensitive and sometimes insecure. But when they form a union, it is quite a positive mixture. Pisces always need someone to provide security and strength, and Leo is just the person to do the job. Obviously, Leo is in the lead in this kind of relationship but Pisces is not someone who would fight for spotlight anyway. Moreover, the Fish always listens and comforts the Lion in bad times. In return, Leo protects Pisces from the dangers of life and can teach a lot about turning dreams into reality.

There are times when Pisces needs to stray and be alone which is perfectly fine by Leo if it is not done too often. In the times of doubt and disappointment, Pisces can turn to Leo for advice and shelter. Leo is a fixed sign and Pisces is mutable sign. Pisces feels safe by Leo’s side, which makes Leo feel the protector in this relationship. Moreover, Leo is more than happy to guide Pisces through life, and there is so much that Pisces can give back: admiration, peacefulness and harmony. When they work side by side, they finish projects without fighting. Leo is ruled by the Sun, while Pisces is ruled by Neptune, so Pisces has a very comforting and soothing effect on Leo’s aggressive and forthright nature. Pisces can have a very positive influence on Leo. This is why this kind of friendship is mutually beneficial.

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